Install Wegmans Mobile App To Get Exclusive Features

If you have availed the facility of Wegmans mobile app then you can access and manage all your account activities through online way. Now by installing this mobile app on your smartphone, you can manage all your online account activities with a few clicks. Now you can view all the detail whatever you have purchased a few days back or one month back.  If you have installed the mobile app then you will find many of icons on its interface through which you can control all account activities. There is also another option through which you can create your own list of shopping where you can also add recipes and ingredients in the provided list. There are 50,000+ items which you can browse and put into your shopping list along with complete detail of nutrition.  Through this application, you can also get an online magazine which can easily be accessed on your mobile.

If you have installed Wegmans mobile app on your Android or iPhone then you can easily avail the following features:

App Home Screen Features:

  • After installing the mobile app in your smartphone, you have to visit the link or go to your Google play store or apple store for installation of Wegman’s mobile application.
  • If you have done, you will see a home screen of the app containing different features at its home screen.
  • At its home screen, you will find features such as; search bar, scan tools, choose your store, my product, my list, recipe box, coupons, my card, meals and many more.

Healthy-Looking Feature:

By having access of a mobile application, you can explore the glowing feature of scan tools through you can easily scan the barcode of any item which is available in the list for further scrutinizing product prize, nutritional facts, and much other information before placing an online order easily through your mobile.