Block Verizon Wireless Service Online

Verizon Communication has further bifurcated into Verizon Wireless which is being operated and run under the whole supervision of parent company. There is a number of wireless and telecommunication services which the company is providing to the large community. This is not the end, but it is also providing services around the world. As per the current survey and report, it has come to know that currently, the total subscribers of the company are around about 143 million in the world.

Keeping in view the quality services and a huge number of subscribers, this wireless telecommunication company is considered as best telecommunication company in the United States. Previously, the company was working as a partner with U.S telecommunication firm, but now it is working independently having its headquarter in Basking Ridge, in the state of New Jersey.

If you want to block your services at Verizon Wireless then you have to visit the official site and follow the mentioned guidelines:

Process To Block VZW Services:

  • To get started for blocking the services of VZW, you are required to visit the link and get the privilege of the main page through your web browser.
  • As you reached the front homepage, you are required to click the red button “Add now” which is located at the middle of the page.
  • Next, if you have an account, provide your User Id and log in to use the services, but if you are first time visiting this page, you have to click the black “Register” button.
  • Now, you will have to provide your 10-digit mobile number in the only field you see and enter the Captcha security code.

Blocking Of Service:

Clicking the red “Continue” button will take you to the new page, where you will have to provide some information to create an account. After that log into the page, you can get to the block services option and can choose and block the services you want to.