Partake In Texas Chicken Customer Satisfaction Survey

Texas Chicken is one of those places in the Texas that always tries to offer best services to its customers. Their mission looks like ensuring quality food and a clean atmosphere for the customers. In order to keep their overall standard up, they always want to know what their customers think about their services. This is why they often create online surveys and asks their customers the questions related to their food quality and overall service standards. Recently, they have again invited their customers to take part in an online survey that is launched to gather the feedback from the customers. If you have recently purchased their food, then you must provide your previous feedback through this online survey.

Prize: Validation Code

This survey also offers you a chance to win a validation code after completing this short survey. So, in response to your precious time that you spend in answering the survey questions, they have offered you a chance to unlock the special offer printed on your purchase receipt. After getting the validation code, you should write it on the purchase receipt, and then take it to the restaurant for redeeming the special offer.

Instructions To Start Texas Chicken Customer Satisfaction Survey

Taking part in this customer satisfaction survey is really simple and fast. You only require an internet connected computer, your recent purchase receipt, and some time to enter this survey. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Please visit the survey page on the web. To visit this survey page, you should see the link:
  2. Now, you will see some a blank box and a few selection boxes on the screen. There, you need to enter the restaurant number and the date when you visited the store. Enter this information, and then click “Start” button to begin this online survey.

This survey will take less than 5 minutes to answer all the questions. Once you have answered all survey questions you will get the validation code to enjoy the special offer. Your feedback will help the company know how they are doing in the market. The collected feedback will eventually help them improve their overall standards.