Get Started With Skylight One Card Activation

For those customers who have currently received the Net Spend Skylight One Card, it would be their first preference to get it activated as early as possible. Without activation of this card, you would be unable to use the services of this card, it is, therefore, necessary to get it activated on the first priority. For this purpose, you are only required to get login access by providing your credential for online accessing benefits. By accessing the main site, you can get the facility of web portal through which you can avail login facility. Online access to your account is necessary for managing your Skylight One Card account. It also provides the facility that it can be accessed through any device like tablet or smartphone.

Your Skylight One Card can easily be verified by providing your identity at its main website. If you want to get more clarification, you have to view all detail on the back side of the printed card. For instant registration, following are the important guidelines which you are required to follow as:

Card Activation Process:

  • For prompt activation of Skylight One Card, go to the link and access its official site by using internet explorer.
  • By reaching the homepage, you will see a blue colored button “Active/Register”. Click here to proceed further.
  • On the new page, you will also find the ‘Active Card’ option at the top and bottom of the page. Select any of them.
  • In the next page, enter “Card Number” and “Security Code” from the back of your Skylight One Card and click “Continue” to proceed.
  • Next, you have to follow the screen instructions you are provided and complete the activation process successfully.

Account Setup Option:

For the prompt access of your card, you are required to activate first your account setup option by providing your username and new password so that you can easily get the facility of your Skylight One Card account through which further activation process can be ease for you.