Get Participated In Royal Caribbean Sweepstakes

By accessing Royal Caribbean, you would get the chance to win the attractive and amazing prizes, but for this purpose, you are first of all required to avail registration access so that you can easily obtain a ticket to adventure.  By taking part in this contest, you have a chance to win the adventurous and surprising prizes. By participating in this sweepstakes, you would be able to get the chance of winning a vacation on the harmony of seas for seven nights and 4 airfare. If you are interested to get into sweepstakes, you have to provide online code for further execution of this contest. Just by getting registration & code, you can take the chance to win grand prizes after the weekly lucky draw. Not only can this but you also win other amazing prizes as a bonus entry.

Only for those who are interested to spend 7 night at sea harmony stay and 4 airfare or other prizes, are required to follow the given below instructions:

Procedural Guidelines:       

  • For taking part in adventurous sweepstakes, you have to visit the link to enter into this contest.
  • After getting access of homepage, see the button “Have a code?” and “Don’t have Code”, click on the first button if you have the code and if you don’t have then click on the 2nd button.
  • With code next, you will access the page, where you can enter your first name, last name, email address, date birth, state, and code.
  • Click on the button “Enter Now”.
  • If you don’t have the code then enter your full name information, email address, DOB, and state information to enter into this contest.
  • You can also choose the option to get email service to get a notification for new offers.

Sweepstakes Prizes:

By participating in the contest, designed by Royal Caribbean, you can win amazing prizes other than grand prize, which is as follows:

  • The prize with the worth of $25 or less can be claimed
  • 10 weeks after the date of the lucky draw, you can get your prize.
  • $12,389 is the grand prize given against the Cruise lucky draw