Access My Poke Card To Create Online Card

If you are keenly interested to create your own Pokemon card, you have to visit the official site of My Poker Card. After creating your customized Pokemon card, you can also publish in the public gallery. Now you can convert your imagination which you have in your mind and have a craze to see it in the form of Pokemon card, you can easily do this funniest task. The basic purpose for designing this website is to create and share your card with the public. The design of the poker card can be picked from the gallery or you can also customize it as per your imagination. This website also provides the printing option through which poke card can be printed in colors. Now just by visiting the official site of Poker Card, you can play this fun keeping in view the following important instructions:

Customize Poke Card Creation Process:

  • To enjoy this fun, make a visit to the link and go to the main site through browsing availability.
  • By reaching the front page, you will see a form which needs some important information, if you want to create customized Poke Card.
  • At the 1st portion, you have to enter your creature type, series, name, Hit Points and upload a picture by choosing it from your personal computer.
  • Afterward, by evaluating stage, you have to complete Attack 1 by entering detail of name, damage level, and
  • Next, in the Attack 2, you have to provide information like name, damage level along with an appropriate description.
  • In the last, you have to provide your comments, weakness, resistance and retreat cost in the respective fields for getting customized Poke Card.

Process For Printing:

After completing your Pokemon card, you can get print out of the same just by saving and inserting the image on MS Word, where you have to adjust its alignment and then take print out for pasting it on the back of real Pokemon.