Access My Plates For Getting Customized Vehicle’s Plate

My Plates (TxDMV) is recognized as a Texas-based company that is actually Texas Department of Motor Vehicle. The basic function of this company is to facilitate the people who are living in the state of Texas by marketing, selling and designing of Motor vehicle plates and their licenses. Special creative designs with unique and wide variety are being offered by My Plates. The design of plates includes sports teams, college, universities, color, the theme of Texas in Charities and many others. Now the Texans can avail the plates of different types by getting the services of My Plates. Those customers who are getting problem may have contact with the representatives of customer services or can call at 888-769-7528.

For those customers who want to make a fun design on vehicle plate then you have to explore its official website and have to check out the availability as follows:

Procedural Guidelines

  • In the start, you are required to go to the link and access the official site by using the facility of your internet browser.
  • As you explore the main homepage, you will see different options for creating plate through online process.
  • If you have your own idea and want to see the plate combination, you have to go to the given option on the right side of the webpage.
  • In the given field, you are required to enter plate combination that you want to see on the plate and finally press button “Check Availability”. If it is available then you can create your own plate by follows the screen instructions.

Fun Services:

Moreover, for great services and fun, you can avail this great part as a Texan fun. On the purchase of each plate, State General Revenue gets some amount received from the buyer which gives services to Texan so that they can create designs as per your own choice.