Purchase My Navy Exchange Products Online

Navy of United States is working hard for the benefit of those people who are the active staff members of Navy or retired from the Navy Department. Basically, Navy Exchange is a chain of the store which is being run by the department of United States Navy which is known by the abbreviation (NEXCOM) Navy Exchange Service Command. This chain of a retail store is engaged in rendering an awesome variety of products and services to all the people who have been associated with Navy department (retirees) as well as active staff members of Navy and few civilians. They are working hard for the rendering of navy products such as overseas navy bases, advanced ships made by the navy department. Base Exchange is a sort of Navy Exchange which is slightly different from product-wise.

If you are active Navy staff or retirees then you can purchase navy products online for which you have to enroll yourself into online account by following the below-mentioned guidelines:

Enrollment Process:

  • In the start, you are required to go www.mynavyexchange.com and access the official site of Navy Exchange by using internet browser.
  • As you access the main page, you will see an option of “Sign in/Register”. If you are an existing customer, click on the Sign in button to proceed for login access of your account.
  • For sign in, provide your email address, password to get sign into account or otherwise, you have to create an account.
  • Enter first name, last name, DOD ID #, email address with confirmation, strong password with confirmation and finally click on “Submit” button.

Finding Of Online Store:

If you want to purchase navy products from My Navy Exchange, you have to first locate the store which is nearby you by providing important information at the homepage like state name, country name, and zip code. This will help you in locating a store nearby you.