Activate My Control Card For Online Benefits

The control card or in second words, MasterCard, all these types are like the debit card which have original prepaid balance in the linked account and you are supposed to make spending through this card as per the available account balance. In order to manage the money in different aspects, this card is designed specially. For finance management, you are supposed to use Control Card to get ahead or get by. For having the required objective, Control Card is very helpful in all aspects of financial transactions. If you do not have access to traditional banking then Control Card would be the best and unique option for you.  You have various choices to spend your dollars either to purchase items or transferring of funds.

For the management of finance and getting numerous benefits, if you are going to use your Control Card then you are first required to activate this card by following the given below important instructions:

Instructions To Be Followed:

  • To kick off with this service, you are required to go the link and access homepage by having an internet connection.
  • After accessing the main official page, you will see an activation option at the top right side of the homepage “Activate Your Card”. Click here to proceed further.
  • You will be moved to next page that will allow getting activation of your control card by providing some essential and confidential information.
  • In the first field, enter your card number which is available on your plastic card and security code in the second field which available on the back of your card.
  • After entering both card number and security code, press “Continue” button to proceed ahead.
  • Next, you have to follow the instructional step as per printed screen for completion of registration of your control card.

Possession Of Control Card:

In case, you have not received your control card, you may send an online request by exploring the main website. Maximum 5 to 10 working days will be required for getting this card. You can also call at 1-866-753-6324 for further assistance.