Select My Care Pack For Timely Gift Delivery

Timely delivery of gift plays an important role as if your gift delivers after some specific occasion then it will not attract someone as compared to the timely delivery of your surprise. Therefore time does matter in the delivery of gift. So what are you sending to your friend, family or loved one? It will be on time if you select the services of My Care Pack. The best customer service is being provided by My Care Pack to all people who want to deliver their precious gifts to precious persons timely. If you have availed the services of My Care Pack and know the current status of your pouch, you have to visit its official website for the tracking of online order. You can insert your tracking number in the related field on the right-hand side.

There is no specific time for sending the gift through My Care Pack; you can place your order throughout the daytime and night time. Following are the necessary instructions for placing an online order:

Necessary Instructions:

  • To start for placing an order, you are required to go to the link  and access the official site by using your internet browser.
  • After accessing the front page, you will see a box “Find Location” on the left side of the home page, where you have to select a state from the drop-down list.
  • In the field, select the facility from the drop-down list. Facility means that all facility services which are being provided by the company.
  • In the last, click on the button “Enter”.
  • Next, you will be moved to shop whatever you want to purchase for your friend or loved one by creating an online account or by signing into an account.
  • Then you have to provide credit card information for onward processing.

Additional Queries:

In order to know about all the terms and condition of My Care Pack, you are required to visit its official site and go through the all available FAQs so that you can come to know about delivery criteria, delivery cost and turn over time.