Login My Big Campus To Select Your Courses

My Big Campus is providing facility to all communities with a virtual learning environment to all students and teachers from Grade 1-8 in Tamarind School. It provides the courses range primarily which based on the NCERT (National Council for Educational Research and Training). It is accessible by students in a merged classroom. Furthermore, it is providing courses to students on ecology and media, open source technologies and social justice. These courses can be availed by students through distance learning process in the world. Through Big Campus, students can avail an experimental primary education in digitization and it provides the best spaces where all students even 7 years old can learn through this platform.

If you are getting virtual learning education through Big Campus, you can get login access of your account by visiting its official site keeping in view the following instructions:

How To Get Login Access:

  • In the start, you are required to visit the link www.mybigcampus.com and get access to its official site with the help of your internet browser.
  • As you come on the main homepage, you will see a login option of the top right side of the page from where you can get login into an online account.
  • As you click on this option, you will be moved to next page, where you have to enter your username and password to get “Login” access.
  • If you have forgotten your password, click on the below option for the recovery of username and password. Follow the screen instruction and retrieve your password.
  • Guests can also be allowed to access some courses, by clicking on the below-mentioned button “Login as a guest”.

Courses & Curriculum:

An individualized model is followed by the school of learning, where students are registered in courses according to levels and need not as per age or grade. As per the requirement of students, My Big Campus is offering a variety of courses. These courses are formalized for the home learning education just to facilitate the first generation.