Activate Your Meijer Credit Card Online

Customers of Meijer Card can get a lot of benefits after having an online account, for example, one can activate a card, get a detail or sign up for rewards program or one can sign up for Meijer perks online. In case you want to apply for the card then you must have your pre-screen id with you which you can get in your mailing offer. You can activate your Meijer credit card by providing the account number with expiry date.  Your card must have the good score for credit approval.

Complete Directions To Activate Your Meijer Card Online:

  • You have to access the official website of the Meijer Card by going through the link which is stated
  • After adding the link into the address bar of web browser you are supposed to hit the icon which is shown as “Go” to get access to the page.
  • When you tick it off that tab then the main page of the website display on the monitor now you need to apply for the card by providing the pre-screen id into the provided blank.
  • Tick on the tab which is shown as “Apply”.
  • After applying for the card you have to activate it by first providing the account number into the first box.
  • Give the expiry date of your card into the next blank and then click on the tab which is entitled as “Activate your card”.

Advantages Of Meijer Card:

There are two types of Meijer Card one is Meijer MasterCard and other is Standard Meijer Credit card. There are many benefits of having both of these cards. For example, you can get ten percent off coupon on sign up your account if you have Meijer MasterCard and credit card. You have to use this coupon within thirty days when the card is open. You can get five percent on the fuel station. Both of the cards require no annual fee.