Join HARU Guest Satisfaction Survey

HARU, a Japanese restaurant, offers a variety of delicious dishes to their customers and known for their high service standards. The restaurant company is aware of the fact that they must keep in touch with their customers on a regular basis to know how they can improve their services. For this purpose, the restaurant often launches online surveys in which they ask performance related questions to their recent and old customers. This helps them gather enough information on how they are doing in the market. This way, the restaurant highlights their strengths and weaknesses that ultimately benefit their customers.

Services Offered By Restaurant

The restaurant offers a variety of dining options to their customers, including vegetable spring roll, edamame, and sushi to peppers, etc. They also offer the seasonal dishes, like roasted pineapple roll. You can also get the HARU same noodle salad from the restaurant that is just delicious. The ice cream cookie lovers can also find the best stuff from them. In fact, there is a lot more, like beverages and catering services that you can get from the restaurant company. After experiencing any of their services, you must give your feedback through their online guest satisfaction survey.

Instructions To Start HARU Guest Satisfaction Survey

To partake in this short online survey, you should visit the official survey webpage and answer the few questions. Here is how you can do this:

  1. Visit the official survey page in any web browser that you have installed in your personal computer. To access that page, please use the link:
  2. Now, take a look at your purchase receipt where you will find a 20-digit survey code. You should enter this code in the corresponding field on the survey page and then click “Start” button. The survey will now begin and you should answer all the questions to complete this short survey.

The questions will be rating-based questions, so you answer them as per your experience. You must carefully answer every single survey question because this is how the company would improve their services for you.