Take Part In Fandango Sweepstakes to Win Free Movie Ticket

Whenever you participate in sweepstakes, you always desire to get the first prize from this contest. Usually, these types of sweepstakes are managed on the purchase of special items or purchase up to a certain sum of amount. When you are selected from a lucky draw as a winning candidate, you feel pleasure by receiving the attractive prizes. These gifts may include gift cards for shopping, free lunch from a restaurant, obtaining of a free ticket of the cinema to watch a movie and many other gifts. Now you are provided with the opportunity to take part in the sweepstakes of “We Love Movies” so that you can watch free of cost movie in cinema which is available for those candidates who are keen fonder to watch movies. Now by visiting the official website of Fandango, you can redeem your won sweepstakes for watching a movie in the cinema. The smartphone app is also available for the customers from where they can get help for the redemption of sweepstakes. The validity of this movie ticket is for the whole year. In addition to a movie ticket, you can also win other prizes from this lucky draw.

To know about the way to participate in this contest, you are required to follow the given below guidelines:

Process To Take Part In Fandango Sweepstake:

  • In order to win free cinema ticket, you are required to visit the link www.fandango.com/sweepstakes/welovemovies and get entered into the main site using web browsing facility.
  • As you reach the main page of the website, you will see an option “Enter Sweepstakes” button and complete sweepstakes by following the screen guidelines.

Instructions For Winning Candidates:

For those who have won this sweepstake can apply for the redemption of prizes as per the criteria, terms, and conditions are given on the website. If you make after the expiry of sweepstakes, you will get the message that the due date of sweepstakes has passed.