Join Citi Mortgage To Avail Online Attractive Services

Citi Group Incorporation is rendering the services of Mortgage through consumer Division known as “CitiMortgage”.  This consumer division is involved in the business of Mortgage with a wide variety in the larger area. They are engaged in providing services of different products like traditional mortgage at a different rate, the mortgage on adjustable interest rate and home equity credit lines. If you have opened an online account at CitiMortgage then you can avail the latest online updates, but you have not created an online account at its official site, you have to get yourself registered without paying any cost for opening account. For those customers who want to apply for a Mortgage loan and want to get prior information regarding loan criteria, monthly income etc., they can get free of cost assistance from the website that provides calculation about your debt burden, annual income, annual expense and cost of fund etc.

For availing all these services, you are first required to get yourself registered by following the below-mentioned necessary steps:

Sign Up Procedure:

  • To get registration facility, you have to visit the link in the address bar of web browser and access the main page.
  • On accessing the front official page, you are required to click on Registration button just below the sign in option.
  • Now, you will be led to the next page, where a form is needed to be fulfilled with necessary information. This registration form consists of different steps which must be completed to the furnished registration process.
  • To verify your account, provide the date of birth, social security number (just last 6 digits), CitiMortgage account number, selection of state, zip code and then click to continue button.
  • You will be preceded to the next steps which need to be fulfilled accurately and finish your registration.
  • By getting a confirmation email from CitiMortgage, enter your username and password and sign in to manage your account online.

Registration Benefits:

By having the registration at its main site, you can avail a number of attractive benefits such as; bill statement of the current month, Updation on last statement as well as online billing payment facility and many other services for registration holders.