Send Blue Mountain e-Card To Your Friends

Of course, you cannot have every day a special occasion to celebrate, but there might be some reason in every day to send wishful thinkings to others. The facility rendered by Blue Mountain is helpful for connecting you to your loved one by sending them eCards on any reason. This is not offered to members only, but also non-member can get these eCards free of cost for the trial period of 7 days.

The company is committed to design and every type of eCards for you whatever the design you have in your mind due to having a number of years’ experience as they feel good and friendly relation close to their customers. Another benefit of online greeting is that it can be reached to your loving person anytime, anywhere you want. The company is also loyal to present your eCards along with gifts with fully professional and artistic way so that your relationship with your loved one can be stronger as ever.

If you are interested to send eCards or Greeting cards to your family or any loved one on their special occasion like birthday, anniversary, congratulation, Friendship and sympathy etc., you have to visit its official website and have to follow some easy steps:

Procedure To Send eCards:

  • In the beginning, go to the link and access the main page through the web browser.
  • On the main page of this website, click on “Join” to proceed further sending eCards.
  • Next, a new window will open. Here provide your email address, if you are a new customer and click to continue.
  • On the second step, you are required to provide necessary information. Type your name, date of birth and create 8 characters password.
  • Next, select your membership for one month, one year or for two years and choose the mode of payment listed below. However, you can get free trial period up to mentioned date.
  • Next, provide your card number, its expiry date, security code, country, address, city, state and Zip code.
  • In the end, click on “start free trial” keeping in view that you agree to all terms and conditions as well as your membership will automatically be renewed at the end of trial period.
  • By completing all these information, you will be finally led to step 3 for “start sending”

For being a member of Blue Mountain, it gives you the power to send your eCards and print at Home card to your loved one whenever and whereas you want to send it.