Activate CashPay Card To Get Exclusive Benefits

If you have received CashPay visa card of Bank of America then it is your first responsibility to activate it by adopting the online instructions procedure which enables you to further use your card anywhere you want to use. By the completion of the activation process, you would be able to use your card either for withdrawal of cash from ATM or payment against things just by using this card. By exploring the official website of Bank of America, you can easily activate your CashPay card to get the facility of online and retail shopping.  Just like a prepaid card, your CashPay card is being used which has been issued by Bank of America. It provides a number of exclusive benefits to the people like getting paychecks, the facility of direct deposit by which you can now deposit your wages and salary directly. With the help of CashPay card, you can get away from any kind of trouble related to the paper checks and receiving of earnings.

If you recently have received your CashPay card and now you want to activate your card then you have to follow mentioned guidelines:

How To Get Activate CashPay Card:

  • To get started for CashPay card activation process, you need to visit the link and go to its main site by using uninterrupted internet connection facility.
  • When you will reach its homepage, you will see an option of “activate my card” on the main menu of the webpage. Click here to proceed.
  • On the next page, you have to enter the card number and then click on “continue” to move next.
  • On the next steps, you have to follow the screen instructions to activate your PayCash Card.

Online Features:

By activating your CashPay card, you can get the facility of following features:

  • On a daily basis, your deposited amount can directly be deposited in your individual account.
  • You can get access for 24 hours for a complete week.
  • With this card, you can also control your money automatically.